Accredited Texas Nursing Schools

Some of the featured Nursing Schools in Texas, specifically in Dallas because that’s where I’m born and raised! Starting with my alma mater, the best nursing school in Dallas, the Dallas Nursing Institute. Affectionately known as DNI.

The Dallas Nursing Institute - one of the best nursing schools in texas

The Dallas Nursing Institute is the reason I am a successful nurse today. I was able to earn my Associate Degree in Nursing and while it was no walk in the park, I came out better because I learned the meaning of hard work. Nursing is not an easy field so it is no surprise that the schooling is difficult, but DNI helped me feel confident not only about my knowledge, but my practical skills as well. The Dallas Nursing Institute gets my vote for the best nursing school in Dallas (even if I am a little biased). =)


Baylor Logo

Baylor has a nursing program in Dallas as well, offering undergraduate and graduate courses. However, being a Dallas girl, I only associate Baylor with Robert Griffin III and him beating my Cowboys at the end of the 2012 season knocking us out of the playoffs. I’m (more than) a little bitter.

mountain view college

Mountain View College is apart of Dallas County Community College District and I’ve had friends who really enjoyed earning their Associate Degree in Nursing. They claim to have a 90% pass rate on the NCLEX exams which is very impressive if that number is accurate (That is NOT an easy exam).


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